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Founded in 1992, Parmacontrols carries out its activities in the field of control systems in the packaging area of food, canning, bottling, pharmaceutical and chemical industries for the production of industrial packaging in metal, glass, plastic and related closures. Parmacontrols offers four different and integrated lines of products:

Eagle X-ray Inspection is the undisputed world leader for X-ray control in the food industry, with dedicated units for packs and sealed bags, glass jars or cans as well as bulk product. From this year, Eagle has completed its range of products introducing a new, high performance line of Metal Detectors.

Sacmi Automation & Inspection Systems Division has been producing camera control systems for aluminum cans, metal cans and lids, caps and capsules and different closures for almost 30 years. It produces the most advanced, technological solutions based on experience acquired from the installation of over 8,000 cameras for clients on all 5 continents.

With the HiControls division, Parmacontrols builds its own dedicated line of controls for the canning and bottling industries.

Canneed is a company specialized in producing precise and reliable instruments for seam inspection, for metal can and lid controls, for glass and plastic bottles and other laboratory instruments for beverage and canning industries.  



Parmacontrols SRL
Via Mantova, 79/a
Tel. +39 0521 1797270
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Parmacontrols Spain SL
World Trade Center
Edificio Sur 2°, Planta
Tel. +34 933 443 286
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Parmacontrols - French Branch         
Paris Opéra
27, Avenue de l’Opéra
Tel. +33 1 70385414
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Parmacontrols FZE - Middle East Branch
Dubai Airport Free Zone
E3, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 54620
Tel. +971 4 214 9638
Fax +971 4 214 9501