Parma - Italia

22 – 25 Ottobre 2019


9:30 - 18:00


The Grand Tour 2019

Technical conference and exhibition for can makers,
fillers and their suppliers

Istanbul, Turkey
25-27 March 2019

Sheraton Istanbul Atakoy




is Local Partner of

Parma Calcio 1913


“Bruno Alves compliments Parmacontrols at the party held last December 13th at Corte di Giarola - Collecchio - to celebrate all the Parma Calcio soccer club sponsors”


Local Partner

Parma Calcio 1913


Referenze / Installazioni

A.R. - Antonino Russo Italy Canning
ABC Food Machinery Slovenija Canning
Acanfora Gennaro Italy Can Making
Adeco, Dr. Ali Al Duhaiman Saudi Arabia Laboratory Instruments
Aerosol Service Poland Can Making Aerosol
Agrobox Italy Can Making
Agrosud Italy Canning
AHG - Adrian Herrero Garcia Spain Service
Al Jomaih Ryhad Saudi Arabia Can Making
Al Watania Saudi Arabia Can Making
ALL-TUB Italy Can Making
Anatech Scientific Zimbawe MANUFACTURER
Anchor Allied Factory UAE Packaging
Ape Impianti Italy MANUFACTURER
Arabian Can LLC UAE - Dubai Can Making
ARDAGH Aprilia Italy Can Making
ARDAGH Boxal France Can Making
ARDAGH Cava De' Tirreni Italy Can Making
ARDAGH Deventer The Netherlands Can Making
ARDAGH Erfstadt The Netherlands Can Making
ARDAGH GROUP Impress - Cassolnovo Italy Can Making Aerosol
ARDAGH GROUP Impress - Montecchio Italy Can Making
ARDAGH Hjorring Denmark Can Making
ARDAGH Hoogeveen The Netherlands Can Making
ARDAGH Leeuwardeen The Netherlands Can Making
Ardh Somer Co. Jordan Beverage
ARGETA (Droga Kolinska Group) Bosnia Canning
ARP Cooperativa Italy Canning
ASA Italia Italy Can Making
ASA S.Marino Italy Can Making
AT2E France Competitor
Atef Saudi Arabia - Jeddah Food Controls
Aujan Indsutries UAE - Dubai Beverage
B.M.T. Tunisia Canning
Bagpak Polska SP Poland Can Making
Ball Wrexham UK Can Making
Barilla - Pavesi Italy Bakery
Barilla Wasa Germany Bakery
Barilla Wasa Sweden Bakery
Bayer Italia Italy Aerosol
Bemasa Spain Can Making
Biotal France Pet food
Birra Castello Italy Brewery
Bocage France
Bocon Srl Italy Frozen Food
Boema SpA Italy Manufacturer
Bonite Bottlers Tanzania Bottling
Bonomelli - Cannamela Italy Jars Filling
Bonomelli - Olio Cuore (Montenegro) Italy Food
Boschi Food&Beverage - Felegara Italy Canning
Boschi Food&Beverage - Fontanellato Italy Canning
Bottling & Canning - Sympak Italy MANUFACTURER
Bryghuset Vendia Denmark Brewery
Bulmetal Bulgaria Can Making
C.B.M. SpA Italy Can Making
C.I.R. Coop. Italiana Italy Food
Cabagaglio Italy Can Making Aerosol comp.
Cairopack Egypt Can Making
Callipo Conserve Alimentari Italy Canning
Calvo Conservas Spain Can Making
Campari-Crodo Italy Bottling - Spirits
Caniel Israel
Canning Industries Jordan Can Making
CanPack Bydgoszcz Poland Can Making (Beverage)
CanPack Hameenlinna Finland Can Making (Beverage)
CanPack India India Can Making (Beverage)
CanPack Marocco Morocco Can Making (Beverage)
CanPack ME UAE - Dubai Can Making (Beverage)
CanPack Novoczerkask Russia Can Making (Beverage)
Cansmart South Africa South Africa
Cantec - KRUPP Soudronic Group Germany MANUFACTURER
Cantele Italy Wine producer
Cantine Corsi Italy Wine producer
Cantine Pellegrino Italy Wine producer
Cantine St. Emilion France Wine producer
Capex UAE - Dubai Can Making Caps
Capex UAE - Dubai Can Making Caps / eoe
Carlsberg Italia Italy Bottling - Beer
Carnauld Metal UK Can Making
Castellli Italy Canning
Castiglione Nino Italy Canning
CATV - Le Cabanon France Pet Food
Ceritec Italy Services
Chalton-Chaltis China Can Making
Chimicouleur Tunisia Can Making
Co.Ind Italy Coffee
CO.MO.CAP Tunisia Canning
CO.PAD.OR Italy Canning
Coca Cola Egypt Egypt Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Catania Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Corfinio Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Gaglianico Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Marcianise Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Nogara Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Palermo Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Italia - Udine Italy Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Tirana Albania Soft Drinks
Colep Portugal Can Making
Coleus Packaging South Africa Can Making
Columbia Fruits S.A. - Ardmona Spain Canning
Columbus Italy Canning
Compagnia Delle SpecialitÓ Alim. Liguri Italy Jars filling
Conservas EL RAAL Spain Canning
Conserve Italia Italy Canning
Costa d'Oro Italy Bottling - Oil
Crown Amman Jordan
Crown Bevcan Izmit Turkey Can Making (Beverage)
Crown Bevcan Slovakia S.R.O. Slovakia Can Making (Beverage)
Crown Botcherby UK Can Making
Crown Braunstone UK Can Making
Crown Closures Aprilia Italy Can Making - Closures
Crown Cork & Seal Group Italy Can Making
Crown Custines France Can Making
Crown Food Battipaglia Italy Can Making
Crown Food Calerno Italy Can Making
Crown Food Neath UK Can Making
Crown Food Nocera Italy Can Making
Crown Food Parma Italy Can Making
Crown Germany Germany Can Making
Crown Hellas Greece Can Making
Crown Imballaggi Italia Srl Italy Can Making
Crown Jeddah Saudi Arabia Can Making
Crown Laon France Can Making
Crown Middle East Jordan Can Making
Crown Morocco Morocco Can Making
Crown Nantes France Can Making
Crown Osmaniye Turkey Can Making
Crown Polska Poland Can Making
Crown Portugal Portugal Can Making
Crown Spain Spain Can Making
Crown Speciality Packaging Italia Italy Can Making
Crown Turkey Turkey Can Making
Crown USA USA Can Making
Cuomo F.lli Italy MANUFACTURER
Cusumano COOP Italy Canning
Cutolo Michele & Figli Italy Bottling - Water
Daghidg parto Co Iran Packaging / Laboratory
D'Aniello Gennaro & C. Italy Laboratory
De Clemente Conserve Srl Italy Canning
DEFIAP Italy Cans labelling
DEFIAP (for KAGOME Group - Japan) Italy Cans labelling
Delgrosso Spa Italy Service
Delicius Rizzoli Italy Canning
Delizie di Riviera Italy Jars filling
Diageo Italia Italy Bottling-Soft Drinks
Divfood a Division of Nampack South Africa Can Making
Domiberia Legrono Spain Can Making
Domiberia Vigo Spain Can Making
Donaldson Italy Car filters
Doppel Italy Pharmaceuticals
Droga Kolinska Slovenia Canning
E.V.A.M. Italy Bottling - Water
EAC - European Aerosol Can Italy Can Making Aerosol
Eastern Scientific Company Lebanon Laboratory Instruments
Easy Top Thailand Can making
EasyTech Italy Can Making Lids
EffeQuattro Spa Italy Jars filling
El Fellah Tunisie Canning
Elmoris Lituania Can Making
EMIC - Emirates Metallic UAE - Dubai Can Making
Emiliana Conserve Italy Canning
Envases Metalicos del Mediterraneo S.L. Spain Can Making
Erben Packaging South Africa Can Making Caps
Escuris - Rianxeira Spain Canning
Eskigel Italy Ice Cream
Eurobox Italy Can Making
Eurometal Italy Can Making
Europack Italy Can Making eoe
European Perfume Works UAE Perfume
Eurospray Italy Can Making Aerosol
Fa.Ba. (Crown Cork & Seal Group) Italy Can Making
Fa.Ba. South (Crown Cork & Seal Group) Italy Can Making
Fadesa Ecuador Can Making
Falco Italy Can Making
Faled Italy Bottling - Spirits
Fanti Giorgio Italy Can Making
FAREVA HOLDING (giÓ Istituto De Angeli) Italy Pharmaceutical
FAS Frigo Autoporto Srl Italy Pet food
Feger SpA Italy Canning
Ferrari Meccanica Italy Can Making Aerosol
Ferraro Pastamontegrappa (Gruppo Schiavon) Italy Pasta producer
Ferrero - Alba Italy Chocolate
Ferrero - Alba Italy Snacks
Ferrero - Pozzuolo Martesana Italy Snacks
FIDELE Sas France Pet food
Filling Systems Italy MANUFACTURER
Finn Korkky Finland Can Making Caps
Fjill Bryggeri Norway Brewery
Fleury Michon France Gastronomy
Fleury Michon Slovenia Gastronomy
Fonte Itala Italy Bottling - Water
Fonte San Carlo Italy Bottling - Water
Fonte Sila Italy Bottling - Water
Formec Biffi Italy Food
Franpac France Can Making
Franzese SpA Italy Canning
Friendship Container Kenya Can Making
Friesland Campina The Netherlands Dairy
Friskies Corbie France Pet food
Fumman Fruit Juice Nigeria Beverage
Futuragri Italy Canning
Galbani Egidio SpA Italy Dairy
Gastronomica Roscio Italy Catering
General Mills Espa˝a - NestlÚ Group Spain Canning
Genoa Plastic Industries Kuwait Plastic Packaging
Giaguaro SpA Italy Canning
Giotti SpA Italy Beverage
Girolamo Luxardo Italy Bottling - Spirits
Global Ends S.L. Mexico Can Making
Global Ends S.L. Spain Can Making
GM Techs Italy Service
Granarolo Italy Soft Drinks
Grans Brewery Norway Bottling - Beer
Greci Industria Alimentare Italy Canning
Grimaldi SpA Italy Canning
Grumetal Spain Can Making
Gulf Union Food Saudi Arabia Food
Hana Medical Supplies UAE - Dubai Medical
Hassani Group UAE - Dubai Food / Beverage
Heineken Italia Italy Brewery
Iasa Ind. Ittica Alimentare Salerno Italy Canning
IllyCaffŔ Italy Food - Coffee
ImecaTech Italy Canning
In.Cam. Italy Can Making
Inalca (Cremonini Group) Italy Canning
Incom d.o.o Slovenia Food
Insignia Ltd Tanzania Paint
Interscambi Italy Can Making
Intertonno Italy Canning
Iprom d.o.o Croatia Canning
Italcoat Italy Can Making
Italfrutta Italy Can fruit
Italgraf Italy Can Making
Italpizza Italy Pizza producer
Italtechnology Italy MANUFACTURER
Jealsa - Rianxeira Spain Canning Fish
John Bean Technologies Italy MANUFACTURER
Jonaco Hungary Jars filling
Karma Lab Turkey Laboratory Instruments
Kletsk Canning Co Bielorussia Baby food
Klinghammer italia Italy MANUFACTURER
Kosme Geselishaft Italy Can Making
Kout Food Kuwait Food
KSA - Jeddah
La Doria Italy Canning
La Regina di San Marzano Italy Canning
Lab Depot Corporation Russia Laboratory products
Laboscientifica Italy Laboratory products
Lacteas Antequerana La Vega Spain Dairy
Le Caselle Italy Food
Le Due Valli Srl Italy Canning
Leche Pascual Grupo Spain Dairy
Lever FabergŔ Italia Italy Detergents
Levico Acque Minerali Italy Bottling - Water
Lodato Gennaro Italy Canning
Lohakij Thailand Can Making
Longobardi Aniello Italy Canning
Lowenbrau Malta Bottling - Beer
M.C.M. Italy Can Making
M.sideris &Son Ciprus Can Making
Maitres Latiers du Cotentin France Food
Majan Glass Company Oman Glass
Malgara Chiari & Forti - Pandea Italy Bakery
Massilly France Can making Caps
Massitalia - Massilly Group Italy Can making Caps
Masterfoods Italy Pet food
Meatco Abbaitor Namibia Food
Meca Italy Can Making
Mecparmaplants Italy MANUFACTURER
Medibev - Refresco Italy Bottling - Soft drinks
Men¨ Italy Canning
Menz & Gasser Italy Food
Metal Press Italy Can Making
Metalgrafica Rojex Brazil Can Making
Metcan South Africa Can Making
Metrocontrol Italy Laboratory products
MGGI Siria Glass
Mida Italy Pet food
Middle East Metal Can LLC UAE Can Making
Milos Israel Canning
Mivisa Envases S.A.U. Holland Can making
Mivisa Envases S.A.U. Spain Can making
MKG Saudi Arabia - Ryhad Glass
Monge Italy Pet food
Montalbano Italy Jars filling
Montenegro - Olio Cuore Italy Bottling - Oil
Morando - Andezeno Italy Canning
Morando - Molfetta Italy Pet food
Moscow USA Beverage
Motette Italy Bottling - Water
Mutti Italy Canning
NAFCEL Saudi Arabia Can Making
National Food Industrial Company Saudi Arabia Can Making
Neotron Sud Italy Can Making
NestlÚ Egypt Egypt Coffee
NestlÚ Egypt Egypt Powder milk
NestlÚ Ghana Ghana Food / Beverage
NestlÚ Mexico Mexico Ready Meals
NestlÚ Morocco Mexico Coffee
New Pet Food Italia Italy Pet food
Norda Acque Oligominerali Italy Beverage
Nova Funghi Srl Italy Canning
Novella Industria Alimentare Srl Italy Canning
Novembal Italy Can Making Caps
Nuova Casar Italy Canning
Nuova Castelli SpA Cote d'Ivoire Canning
Nuova Castelli SpA Italy Canning
Nutkao Italy Jars Filling
Officine Cevolani (Pelliconi Group) Italy MANUFACTURER
Oleificio Costa d'Oro Italy Bottling - Oil
Oleificio Rocchi Italy Bottling - Oil
Olvi Group Finland Beverage
Oriental Containers India Can Making - Caps
Original Chem House Jordan Food/Beverage
Orto Fruits 85 SpA Italy Canning
Pack Assist The Netherlands Can Making
Palmera Italy Canning
Parma Fish Italy Canning
Pellacini Sergio Italy MANUFACTURER
Petti Antonio Italy Canning
Photo Photiades Breweries Cyprus Bottling - Beer
Piacentina Srl Italy Canning
Pickopart Zrt Ungary Can making
Plasmon Ozzano (Heinz Group) Italy Baby food
Polyoak Packaging South Africa Plastic Packaging
Poly-test Instruments South Africa Laboratory Instrument
Princes Industrie Alimentari Srl Italy Canning
Procter & Gamble Italy Detergents
Proves Italy Bottling - Water
PT United Can Indonesia Can Making
Quadrex Technologies South Africa Distributor
Recoaro Italy Bottling - Water
Rexam Beverage Can Argayash Russia Can Making (Beverage)
Rexam Beverage Can Czech Rep. Czech Rep. Can Making (Beverage)
Rexam Egypt Egypt Can Making
Rexam HTW Beverage Cans Ltd India Can Making (Beverage)
Rexam Italia Italy Can Making
Rexam La Selva Spain Can Making
Rexam Ludesh Austria Can Making
Rexam Manisa Turkey Can Making
Rexam Valdemorillo Spain Can Making
Rexam Wakefield UK Can Making
Rodolfi Mansueto Conserve Italy Canning
Royal Can Thailand Canning
Royeme Spanish Deli Spain Meat
Sai Faled Italy Bottling - Spirits
Salerno Packaging Italy Can Making
Samia Saeed Saudi Arabia Can Making
San Benedetto Italy Bottling - Water
San Martino Italy Bottling - Water
San Pellegrino (NestlŔ Waters NestlÚ Group) Italy Bottling - Water
Sapin Saudi Arabia Can Making
Saturnus Slovenia Can Making
Saviano Pasquale Srl - (Graziella) Italy Canning
SC Scandia Romano Romania Can Making
Scaldasole Fattorie Italy Yogurt
Scatolificio Idria Italy Can Making
SEBEL Italy Beverage
Sellitto Alfonso Italy Canning
Sena Lab Instruments Jordan Laboraty Instruments
Seungil Co. Ltd Korea Can Making Aerosol
Sheik Habib Trading Etiopia Retailer
Silaro Conserve Italy Canning
Silgan Deutchland Germany Can making
Silgan Richmond USA Can making Caps
Silgan White Cap Italia Italy Can making Caps
Simens Alimentare Italy Canning
Simmenthal (Kraft Group) Italy Canning
SKF Italy Ball Bearings
Soccoba Tunisie Canning
Spumador Italy Bottling - Water
Star Italy Canning
Staz.Sper.delle Conserve di Parma Italy Services
Suncan SpA Italy Canning
Superbox (Crown Cork & Seal Group) Italy Can Making Aerosol
Swift Siliker South Africa Laboraty Instruments
Szatmari Hungary Jars filling
TAU - Siemens Group Italy MANUFACTURER
Tech Pro Spagna
Tecnocap Italy Can Making
Tecnocap Czech Rep. Czech Republic Can Making - Caps
Tecnocap USA USA Can Making - Caps
Tecnoservice Italy Services
Tecnosystem Italy Can Making
Tetra Pak Group - Lund Sweden MANUFACTURER
Tosvar Aerosol Italy Can Making Aerosol
Trento Frutta Italy Canning
Trinity (Bolton Group) Italy Canning
Tubettificio Europeo Italy Can Making
TUCAL Tunisie Canning
UAB Moris Technology Lituania Beverage
UAC - United Arab Can Saudi Arabia Can Making
Ugarit Syria Services
United Beverage Co. Kuwait Can Making
United Biscuits France
United Expertise Co Saudi Arabia Can Making
Valbona Industrie Alimentari Italy Canning
Vepack Italy Jars filling
Vifilfell bottler of Coca Cola Island Soft Drinks
VI-MA di Vitaloni Mario Snc Italy Can Making LIDS
Vitebsk Canning Co Bielorussia Baby food
Vogel & Noot Austria Can Making LIDS
Vogel & Noot OBAL Slovakia Can Making LIDS
Volpak Espa˝a Spain Manufacturer
Wuxi Huapeng Closures China Can Making Caps
Za Metal Kutu Turkey Can Making
Zacmi - Zanichelli Meccnica Italy MANUFACTURER
Zakka Multitec Lebanon Services
ZAO Russia Canning
Zuccato Italy Canning
Zuegg Italy Canning


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