Re-Control Service

Re-control service by X-Rays inspection systems made on customer’s behalf for batches suspected to be contaminated. 

Modern industrial packaging systems, dedicated  to several different products, are unable to ensure the total absence of contaminants inside the packaged product, such as material completly different from the main content of the product, that is not desirable and also dangerous, like pieces of glass inside jars or bottles.

These contaminants may come from raw materials, the packaging line itself, negligent behavior or even deliberate sabotage. In these circumstances,  there are two possible ways to solve the problem: isolate the product and dispose it and lose all of its value, or send  the product to Parmacontrols for an adequate inspection, so it can be put on the market at affordable costs and with maximum safety.

Parmacontrols is able to supply quick, customized and reliable services at its premises (or even at costumers premises in case of proved urgent matters), concerning reclaim and overall inspection of packages  which are suspected to contain radio-opaque contaminants such as metal parts, glass, bones, stones, shells, high density rubber and  plastics.

Our service is dedicated to those companies that could face this kind of problem but for different reasons  have never thought of PREVENTING the problem by installing an inspection system on the production  line: We believe this is the most convenient way to solve the problem, so we advise you to consult Dylog HiTech product sheet for further information.

For this kind of Re-control service, Parmacontrols uses the Dylog HiTech units, worldwide leading company in X Ray Inspection field for all kinds of applications in the food industry, for luggage inspection at the airports etc, allowing undisputable high performance inspection of foreign bodies.

All our customers are protected for any service rendered, as the inspection of the products is carried out in a confidential and secure way.


What kinds of products can be inspected?
  • food products and packaged food in jars, cans, plastic bags, cartons
  • bulk food products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • textile products and clothing
  • generally, all other products which can be conveyed 

Which are the  dimensions of the contaminants?

  • this depends on the material, in any case it differs  from pieces under one millimeter up to a few millimeters for less dense (less identifiable) contaminants

How is the inspection effected?

  • Checking the presence of contaminants depends on the type and on the number of the packages to be inspected, that  can be performed either automatically or directly by an operator who examines the results of the inspection displayed by the machine. Obviously the product  inspection made by the operator is more reliable, more contaminants are detected and only the contaminated packages are rejected. The procedure, either automatic or by means of an operator, is defined together with the Customer, depending on the package to be inspected and  on the type/dimension of the contaminant to be identified. Although the machine can be set in order to work automatically, we suggest the operator to be always present to determine whether to accept or reject the suspect container/bag, in order to be more selective and to ensure better results.
Are other inspections possible?
  • Checking the external shape of the container
  • Checking the weight of the pack
  • Checking single broken or incomplete  parts inside the package

Could X-Rays exposure damage or alter my product?

  • Checking the products with X-Rays is completely safe for the product, since the dose of rays absorbed is very low and may be compared, for instance, to the radiation dose received by a product during the flight from Milan to London. Shortly, there are no effects upon the product, neither in taste (for food) nor effectiveness (for pharmaceuticals) variations can take place.

Is it possible to do trials before choosing this service?

  • Free trials with products are always done in order to define together with the Customer whether the required performance can be reached.

Which are the costs of this service?

  • Costs are calculated for  every single application. Transport costs from / to Customer’s premises are excluded.

Re-Control Service