Dylog HiTech is one of the few companies in the world who can really claim almost 30 years of experience for x-rays control, with dedicated units for packs and sealed bags, glass jars or cans as well as bulk product. Continuous research into technologies for foreign bodies and for other applications, has enable Dylog Hitech to complete the solutions based on the X-Rays developing an innovative unit capable to determine with great accuracy the chemical lean content in red meats, this together to the possibility to check the weight and maintaining an extreme precision in scanning small bones and other dense contaminants. For poultry instead has been created a new detector highly sensible as well1 to small fragments of bones.

X-Ray for foreign bodies

  • Metal and non metal contaminants inspection systems for cans, jars, bottles, packs, bags, bulk products and in pipe
  • Net weight control in specified areas – Level control
  • Parts counting – Shape inspection
  • Gadgets presence inspection
  • Reclaim service by X-Rays on batches suspected to be contaminated

X-Ray fat analysis & poultry

  • Fat Analysis for red meat (CL value)
  • Protein/water content control
  • Weight control
  • Humidity control
  • Foreign bodies control