Remote Support

Parmacontrols has an Internet Support Service for the HiControls, Eagle PI, Sacmi and LaboMetrology systems.

Customers who do not have a scheduled or preventive remote support contract can still obtain support from our specialised technicians.

To allow remote connection, the customer must have an internet connection with a local provider. For customers who do not have the remote support service module, it is possible to provide a remote support software-hardware package including a CD, instruction booklet, external USB modem and user license.

The service is available daily. You can contact us and request the intervention by phone or email (click here).

Upon receipt of the request, one of our technicians will get in touch with the person who requested assistance in the most appropriate way to establish the connection and carry out the intervention.

At the end of the connection, a report will be produced containing the following data:

  • date
  • company that called
  • name of technician who called
  • reason for the call, type of system causing the problem, type of problem encountered
  • solutions indicated to solve the problem
  • information provided
  • name of Parmacontrols technician providing assistance

Remote Support